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GT Road, Sector B-17, Islamabad.

Winston Mall is the new address of major International & local brands.

Located in the classy vicinity of Multi Gardens Cooperative Housing Society in sector B17, Winston Mall and Residencia is situated at the perfect location that is bound to enhance the lifestyle of every resident. An exemplary zoo out front and a football ground within easy reach, along with easy access to G.T Road and Islamabad Motorway, Winston Mall and Residencia is at a focal point that is conveniently connected to all daily destinations within Islamabad

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The Location | B-17 Islamabad

Eatery Redefined with Elegance

Enjoy your delicious meals inside while relishing the mesmerizing sights outside.

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A Premium Podium

A Grand swimming pool at Winston Mall & Residencia allows for a refreshing dip neatly along with the seating area to rest and socialize. All this with breath-taking views that are bound to mesmerize and energize you to the core.

Pakistan’s Pioneer City

Serving as the capital of Pakistan since the Sixties,
Islamabad was built according to a carefully organized plan, divided into sectors along a grid of clean, tree-lined streets. The city is sheltered by the Margalla Hills, the foothills of the Himalayas and the home of rare species. Ranked second in the list of world’s most
beautiful capitals followed by Paris, Washington, Berlin and Tokyo, is also known for the elite stature in most of its residents and posh community, People of Islamabad are identified from their affinity to staying classy and their attuned demeanor towards an elite lifestyle.

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Best Real Estate in Islamabad, winston mall

A Masterpiece of Cosmic Proportion

Winston Mall and Residencia present a marvelous monument of modernity that stands astute as a symbol of extravagance reminiscent of the most lavish man-made structures in the world. Winston Mall and Residencia is a high-rise emblem of perfection that attracts the gaze of every individual passing by

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