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J7 Global Mall And Apartments

About J7 Global

J7 Global Mall and Apartment are where commercial success meets the highest degree of opulence. It is an upcoming real estate project in the capital city, offering lucrative investment opportunities in its Mega Shopping Mall and Luxury Hotel.

About Builders

Being a project of J7 Group – one of the biggest real estate developers – J7 Global promises to surpass all your expectations with the J7 Group’s ultramodern resources, highly talented team, acclaimed punctuality, and quality work.

Beneath J7 Group’s umbrella, the construction of J7 Global will be undertaken by J7 Builders – a renowned building firm that has previously completed numerous monumental projects and is known for its distinctive work.

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Ideal Location: J7 Global Mall and Apartment

J7 Global Mall and Apartment Situated at a strategic location on the confluence of Srinagar/Kashmir Highways, New Islamabad Airport Road, and M2 Motorway, J7 Global is a luxurious hotel and branded mall offering numerous amenities under one roof. The project’s ideal location is an attraction for investors to invest in J7 Global Mall and Apartment.

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Indulge in the grandeur of J7 Global Mall and Apartment up close as you walk into the lobby and experience a world of luxury with style. The aesthetically appealing architectural design would lure you inside the building, where luxury hotel apartments, laced with modern amenities welcome you. Enjoy a blissful and comfortable stay at J7 Global Mall and Apartment.

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Mega Mall

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Enter into an open, luxurious atrium that instantly fills up a room with light and ventilation. The atrium leads to different floors of the mall.

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A bunch of real estate professionals with vast experience in developing real estate projects from scratch came together to launch a gigantic shopping mall with the name of J7 Global Mall and Apartment. The builders and developers of the project have intensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in the construction field.


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