Islamabad Master Plan 2040 shows vertical development in Zone 4

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According to media reports, on December 14 the Islamabad Master Plan 2040 Review Commission decided to allow vertical developments in Zone 4’s sub-zone D.

It was decided that at the commission’s recent meeting, the commission would develop a building bylaw promoting vertical developments and protecting green space for Zone 4-D of Islamabad. According to the current bylaws, the sub-zone covers 23,618 acres of land and is reserved for nature preservation projects, agro-farming, sports, recreation, entertainment zones, etc. The commission also agreed to propose a plan to reduce the housing footprint in Zone 4 from 55 feet to 20-25% at the meeting.

Further, the commission will propose measures for implementing and enforcing building codes in Islamabad’s suburbs to regulate illegal constructions and housing schemes.

Additionally, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) informed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the inclusion of Margalla Road in the Islamabad Master Plan. Six residential sectors are linked to Margalla Road. CDA officials explained that Margalla Road will provide people with an alternative entrance route. This route will also be used to connect newly developed and still-to-be developed sectors.

According to reports, the project will cost PKR 3.29 billion, of which 3% is budgeted for the environment. CDA was granted approval by EPA subject to certain conditions, including the implementation of a proper mitigation plan.

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